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Coverage Map

A Site Survay is required before subscribing to service to verify service is available. Please email us at to schedule a free site survey by one of our technicians.

Tower Group 1 (Batesville)
Tower Group 2 (Bethesda / Cushman)

Service interruptions

If your services are down or not working properly, follow the steps below to resume normal services

  • Step 1.) Verify equipment has power lights on, if not verify devices are plugged into power.
  • Step 2.) Verify ethernet cables are connected.
    • ETH0 POE injector to Telephone Gateway & Router
    • ETH1 TV#1
    • ETH1 TV#2
    • ETH1 TV#3
    • ETH4 Outdoor Antenna
  • Step 3.) Power Cycle your equipment by disconnecting the Uqbiquiti POE power injector that powers your Antenna and modem.

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